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Between the Shadow and Soul by Ruevian won the Writing Spotlight! She wasn't at the estate. She was in Hope, where she truly belonged. It was okay. It had to be okay. The ghostly ache of her scars throbbed once more in resentment, then faded into numbness.
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Event Summary

September 2022 Event

After stumbling across an old box of costumes in the attic, Witch sought out Scribe to find out more about the Role. Yet Scribe couldn't find a finished script... and had to break the news to the young Witch that many of the Narrator's old stories never found an ending. Saddened by the idea of an unwritten story, Witch asked if she might pick up the pen and write a script for once... And invited others to do the same in the September Site Contest!

When Scribe suggested she bring the old costumes up to the castle for inspiration to finish those stories, Witch asked Hero for help carrying the heavy burden. Something about the roles of the Scarecrow Witch and the Gravedigger caught her attention and began to draw the Monster Bride's story into a rough outline...

While working up in the stage castle Witch is surprised when Piper brings Seeba for a unexpected play-date with Castwick. After getting some outsider opinions on the costumes hung on the wall Witch finds a new thread to follow for her story not yet told...

As it comes to light that Witch's script seems to be striking a chord with Hero,the Dollmaker and Scribe desperately try to convince the Wolf of their plan. But tensions and old pain run high as all must decide what is the best course of action for young Witch.

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